Bruce Baker May Newsletter

Hampton Ward Newsletter May 2017

I receive regular complaints from residents regarding the cost of car parking nowadays and in order to address some of these concerns, Herefordshire Council has introduced a scheme to help reduce congestion and improve quality of life by promoting an increase in walking, cycling, bus travel and car sharing. The scheme is called: Park and Choose.This is a great scheme to help commuters cut down on travel costs and increase travel options, while also reducing the number of cars driving into Hereford and the other market towns at peak times.Car-sharing can be a challenge in a rural county where communities are smaller and more scattered. However, the vast majority of journeys converge on main roads heading either into our city or the market towns.Park and Choose allows commuters to meet up along main roads, at pubs, garden centres, hotels, or shops registered with the scheme, leave one car in the car park and car share for the rest of their journey. The same spaces are available for people who would like cycle to work but live too far away to ride the whole journey, and those who would prefer to park and complete their journey by bus.There are three sites where free parking for car sharing is available within this Ward or close by. England’s Gate pub in Bodenham, The Three Horseshoes in Little Cowarne and further south at Aylestone Park. There are secure lockers at Aylestone Park for cycle storage, which is an extremely popular facility.

For more information on car sharing and to find someone to share with at a location that suits you, go to and follow the links to Park and Share and complete your application for a parking space.

Still on the subject of cycling, free one-to-one cycle lessons are available for adults who live, work or study in Herefordshire. These lessons are carried out on roads to match the rider’s abilities and everyone from complete beginners, to experienced riders, are welcome.Cycling lessons and fun activities are also available for children, from 5 to 14 years, during half-term and school holidays. Full details of all these cycling activities can be found on:, or email:, help is available for young people to enable them to get to a job interview, a training course or to work, with free bus tickets or the free loan of a bike, including one-to-one training, safety equipment and route guidance.

I hope you find this information useful?



Cllr Bruce Baker

Hampton Ward


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