Planning Policy Hatfield and district group parish council

Policy for Dealing with Planning Applications between Parish Council Meetings

Updated June 2015

The Parish Council notes that the best method by which a Parish Council comments on Planning Applications is by discussion at a scheduled or extraordinary Parish Council meeting, to which members of the public have been invited by public notice. A meeting will always be called to comment on potentially contentious planning applications. This policy has been agreed at a meeting of Hatfield and District Group Parish Council held on 23 July 2013. The responsibility for commenting on non-contentious planning applications which, due to time restrictions, cannot wait for the next Parish Council meeting, has been delegated to the Clerk [in liaison with the Planning Group] and in line with the following:

  1.  Parish Council has set up a Planning Group of Chair and the two appropriate parish members.Amendments made to the planning policy at Parish Council meeting dated 14 May 2015, “It was resolved that the planning policy be amended and item 1 be amended to read that planning applications be circulated to all members of the parish council, except in the case of Councilor Griffiths, who should be supplied with a paper print out if the application was for Hatfield Parish”.
  2.  Clerk received application from Herefordshire Council and enters details in the planning book.
  3. Planning Group, may visit site to acquaint themselves of details. No discussion on site, particularly if local residents are a]invited or b]passing by.
  4. Members of Planning Group may show plans to neighbours in vicinity of application site.
  5. Members of Planning Group may meet to discuss comments, which are forwarded to the Clerk.
  6. Clerk forwards comments to Herefordshire Council within space allocated on top sheet of application, making sure that comments are lawful and purely on planning [not personal] grounds.
  7. Clerk puts precis of comments in planning book.
  8. For next meeting of Parish Council, Clerk produces planning sheet with details of all applications, permissions and refusals received from Herefordshire Council. Applications commented upon by Planning Group between meetings, should be listed with the precis of comments made.
  9. Amendments made to the planning policy at Parish Council meeting dated 11 March, 2014. “The Parish Council would opt out of paper copies, and the clerk would inform the councillors between meetings of applications by email and a link to the website. For members without computers, a paper copy would be printed. The clerk reported that at a recent site visit, local residents had complained of not being informed of planning applications. After a discussion it was agreed not to put copies on the noticeboards, but to continue with the present policy.”