Agenda 16th July 2019

Hatfield & District Group Parish Council
Councillors are duly summoned to attend a meeting of Hatfield & District Group Parish Council, to be held on Tuesday 16th July 2019 at Pudleston Village Hall at 7pm for the purpose of transacting the following business

1. Receive Apologies for Absence

2. Declaration of interest and written applications for dispensations

3. To approve the minutes of the meetings held on 14th May 2019 (previously circulated)

To receive a brief verbal report from: 4.1 Ward Councillor John Harrington 4.2 To Note To receive views of Local residents on Parish Matters (10 minutes)
4.3 Pudleston Village Hall Report

5. FINANCE                                                                                                                                                                5.1Treasurer’s Account Balance Reconciliation at 16.07.19

5.2 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Exempt Status notification PKF Littleljohn LLP

5.3 Cheques to be passed for payment Pudleston Village Hall Clerk Wage PAYE Expenses £20.00 Pudleston Village Hall (497) £*^^Clerk’s Wage (498) No PAYE PC Expenses £72.76 (499)


6.1 Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council
190479 Planning re consultation Common Farm Hatfield Amended & additional Redevelopment of existing redundant farm buildings to form eight new dwellings and the refurbishment and alteration of the existing farmhouse. Associated external works incl. new roads, parking areas hard and soft landscaping etc. installation of LPG storage re dwellers.

13.06.19 The Parish Councillors attended a site meeting at this property to consider and discuss the amended plans. They resolved not to add any further comments to their original observations. All Councillors present
12.03.19 Comment The members fully discussed this application and although they have No objections have asked for passing places to be considered due to the extra traffic the application will generate
192317 – Docklow Pools, Lower Docklow Church, Docklow, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0RU DESCRIPTION: Erection of a single dwelling and garage for occupation by site manager

6.2 To Note Planning Applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council

7. HIGHWAYS 7.1 Whyle Lane between Bell Lane & corner

8. To Note Information Sheet 8.1 Allowance Scheme for Parish or Town Council 8.2 Freedom of Information request Dealt with on 01/07/19 8.3 Notice of review of Polling Stations 8.4 Annual Canvas 2019 (update Electoral services) 8.5 Petition to Parliament (cctv in care homes) 8.6 HALC Training

9. To consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting (No Discussion)

10. Date of Next Meeting (proposed)
Signed: SD Hanson Clerk Dated 11/07/19