Minutes 12th March 2019

Minutes of the one hundred and thirty first meeting of the Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 12th March 2019 at Pudleston Village Hall at 7.00pm.

Present: RM Hanson Chairman
CJ Price T Brooke
EA Griffiths A Lewis
Also Present were HCWM Bruce Baker; SD Hanson Clerk & 10 members of Public

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting.

1. Apologies MW Thomas (Lambing)

2. Declaration of interest and written applications for dispensations None

3. To approve Minutes of Meeting (Previously circulated.) It was resolved to adopt the minutes of the 15th January 2019 meeting. The Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Open Sessions To receive brief verbal report from:                                                                                                            4.1 Ward Councillor Bruce Baker
Herefordshire Council had met on 08/03/19 Council tax would rise by 2.9% plus 2% for Adult Social Care)
Herefordshire = Climate emergency Campaign Herefordshire is proactive in the Climate Emergency Campaign. The climate has to now be considered in all decisions i.e. electric cars, housing
Station Approach was still being developed it was hoping to build a Dr’s surgery and a Student accommodation block. A transport hub was underway to include bus station and taxis
4.2 To Note to receive views of Local Residents on Parish Matters (10 Minutes) Members of public                          5. Finance                                                                                                                                                                                5.1Treasurer’s Account Balance Reconciliation at 11.03.19 £14,505                                                                                  5.2 Cheques to be passed for payment Pudleston Village Hall Hire £20.00 (485) Clerk Wages £**** (486) PAYE (Zero) Paid on other £55.81 (487) PC Expenses . The Clerk asked members if they would consider payment for her to join SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) the members felt it could be of benefit and paid the subscription £89.00 and joining fee £8.00 SLCC £97.00 (488)

6. Planning
6.1 Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council 190736 Lower Nicholson Farm Docklow Proposed link extension to provide sitting room, kitchen dining (Listed) No Objections 190737 Lower Nicholson Farm Docklow Proposed link extension to provide sitting room, Kitchen Dining No Objections                                                                                                                                                                     190479 Common Farm Hatfield Redevelopment of existing farm buildings to form 8 new dwellings and the refurbishment and alterations of the existing farmhouse. Associated external works including new roads, parking areas hard & soft landscaping Installation of new sewage treatment. plant and installation of LPG storage to serve dwellings. The members fully discussed this application and although they have No objections have asked for passing places to be considered due to the extra traffic the application will generate.
6.2 To Note Planning Application Approved/Refused by Herefordshire Council
Kings Head Docklow, Leominster HR6 0RX Proposed conversion of The Kings Head pub into two dwellings and the erection of a semi-detached dwellings Refused
The pub hadn’t been continuously marketed for 12 months as the rules stated. TB again suggested an ACV however the Clerk had looked into this previously and discussed at long length over several weeks an ACV with Deborah Walshe the Community Asset Coordinator, who had also spoken to the Chairman. As the Parish Council had resolved not to buy the Pub, should it be marketed again. It was considered untenable by the PC. it was proposed The Save our Pub Kings Head Supporter Group could apply. The Clerk said she would copy information and give it to them.
Buckland Farm, Docklow, Leominster HR6 ORU Appeal Decision Allowed                                                                      171219 Construction of Event centre building and associated parking area. Pudleston court Pudleston Granted   171120 LISTED Construction of Event Centre building and associated parking area Pudleston Court Pudleston Granted                                                                                                                                                                                    6.3 Pre-Planning application UPDATE Ref: Land adjacent to Whyle Lamb House, Pudleston proposed erection of four detached dwellings with 3 – 4 bedrooms and creation of a private access road with three passing bays The clerk had sent the following email to Marc Willimont regarding the below. CP said The Whyle should be considered on its own merit not as an area not within the curtilage of Pudleston. See attached for comment

7.Highways                                                                                                                                                                                        7.1 Additional Salt had been ordered two tonnes was being stored at Nicholson Farm Hatfield by kind permission of Mr Brooke and one tonne at Mr Jakemans Court Farm Pudleston.                                                                                   7.2 Statutory Consultation A44/C1059 Steensbridge speeding limit. The PC had confirmed that they were in agreement.                                                                                                                                                                                       7.3 The Give Way sign at Hatfield had been repaired                                                                                                                 7.4 The Road by the Pudleston Church Asset Management have had the referral which is under review. It will be considered, depending on scoring for inclusion in works to be done from 2019                                                                 7.5 There were complaints from members of public that Gigaclear were laying Fastershire cables in ditches and then filling in the ditches. Thus, stopping the water draining into ditches. The Clerk had contacted Herefordshire council who said they should be 300mm below the surface and it would be the responsibility of Gigaclear to repair if cables were broken. The Clerk and BB said they would contact the utilities company and find out what why this was happening.                                                                                                                                                               7.6 TB said there was water on the A.44 by the gate just before the turning to Buckland. The Clerk said she would report it and would cc HF&SP PC as it was in their group area.

8. To Note Information Sheet
8.1 Cabinet Update                                                                                                                                                                            8.2 Fastershire                                                                                                                                                                                  8.3 The Great British Spring Clean TB and Mr Parry would organise this on 24th March at 10am The Clerk said she would advertise it.                                                                                                                                                                    8.4 NPPF 5 year housing land supply and Neighbourhood Development Plan                                                                    8.5 Intelligence unit bulletin Herefordshire Council                                                                                                            8.6 Rubbish and Recycling collections changing                                                                                                                        8.7 Calorfor your Rural Community Fund Win up to £5,000 for Community project

9. To consider matters as Agenda items for the next meeting (no discussion) 9.1 The Whyle

10. Parish Council Election 02/05/19 The Clerk distributed Election Application Pack to members and gave a brief information outline

11 Date & Venue next meeting It was proposed to hold the next meeting being The Annual Parish Council Meeting on 14th May 2019 at Pudleston Village Hall at 7.00 pm.
With a reserve date of 21st May 2019

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm

6.3At our last Parish Council meeting the pre-planning application (as above) was discussedIn the reply from the planning office it states the “The Whyle” is not in the curtilage of Pudleston Village which you state as being by the Church and Village Hall in an L shape.I have been asked to draw your attention to:1. The correct title of Pudleston is Pudleston-cum-Whyle2. Pudleston-cum-Whyle is made up of Pudleston, The Whyle and Brockmanton3. Several years ago The Whyle was a thriving community it had a village shop and post office which served all of PudlestonAt the WHYLE HOUSEDate Action Source”1851″ Nancy Griffiths recorded as shop keeper in Pudleston Herefordshire Archive – on-line1876/77 Mrs Adams Shop keeper Whyle Littlebury’s Gazeteer Herefordshire25 March 1918 Whyle House sold as a shop by Stead to Godson Conveyance in A Offer’s files11 July 1932 Whyle House sold as a shop by Godson to Charles Biddle Conveyance in A Offer’s files1977 / Shop closed Hatfield and District Parish information17 February 1979 Whyle House Sold by executors of Ivy Biddle to Faulkeners Conveyance in A Offer’s files15 January 1985 Whyle House sold by Faulkner’s to Hillier’s Conveyance in A Offer’s files01 December 2001 Whyle House sold by Hilliers to Offer Conveyance in A Offer’s filesAccording to records the Post office and shop originally were situated at “The Tump” at The Whyle (Later renamed Quakers Cottage) then later moved to Whyle House, to our knowledge this was the only shop/post office which served Pudleston-cum-Whyle.4. There are also ruins of an old chapel (Map enclosed) again at the Whyle5. There is an old Quakers Meeting House at “The Tump” again at the Whyle. (also on map referred to as Friends Mission Room)In fact, The Whyle had its own thriving community then and now. There being at least 22 houses at the Whyle compared with approximately 8 at Brockmanton and approximately 38 in the rest of Pudleston, including Golderfield lane and several barn conversions.It was quite a shock to the Parish Council to realise that this flourishing part of the community is not considered to be part of Pudleston in the Core Strategy. They were totally unaware that the Planning Office considered the curtilage only to be in Pudleston, especially as this is such a small area in such a large village. The Whyle has in the past been treated as its own village, with lots of activity and not just as a hamletThe Parish Council members feel you have not taken into consideration the whole village of Pudleston-cum-WhyleThe Parish Council wish to add they fully support this pre-application and feel a few newer houses would be a boom to the area, and help to balance the whole of this lovely village.