Minutes 18 July 2017



Minutes of the one hundredth and eighteenth meeting of Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 18 July 2017 at Pudleston Village Hall at 7.00pm.

In attendance: Councillor R Hanson Chairman
Councillor E Griffiths Councillor A Lewis
Councillor M Thomas
Ward Member Bruce Baker
Clerk Mrs S Hanson 6 members of the Public

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting

1. Apologies
Apologies had been received from Councillor C Price (combining) Councillor T Brooke

2. Declaration of interest and written applications for dispensations
None Received

3.To Adopt the Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 9th May and also Minutes of the
Extraordinary Meeting held on 22nd June 2017.
Resolved: Both sets of minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman

4. Complaint re Extraordinary meeting held on 22nd June 2017 (No Comment/No Discussion)
Any complaints relating to the Code of Conduct should be dealt with by The Monitoring Officer,
They cannot be discussed at a Parish Council Meeting.

5. Finance
5.1 Treasurer’s Account Balance at 30.06.17 £10,418.02
5.2 Cheques paid between meetings Eyelid Productions Web Maintenance £30.00 (432) incl. in
TAB Pudleston Village Hall Hire £9.00 (433)
5.3 Resolved: to pass the following cheques for payment Pudleston village Hall Hire £18.00
(434) RM Hanson Travel & Parking Expenses £20.00 (435) Clerk’s Wages ***.** (436) HMRC
£2.00 (437) Expenses £31.80 (438)

Items 6 & 7 Transposed from Agenda

Lyn Fryer and Colin Patton (Pudleston Village Hall) had attended a meeting on Fastershire held on
19/6/17. They gave the Parish Council updated facts (attached to Minutes) and an excellent
appraisal of the meeting.
Briefly Approx. £30M public investment by Herefordshire Council; Public funding is
subject to State Aid Funding rules and approval; Phase 1 is coming to an end; Phase 2 awarded
to Gigaclear for fibre to house as opposed to fibre to cabinet. Pudleston & surrounds included
in Phase Two (for those not already upgraded) Installation beginning around December 2017.
The Chairman Thanked Lyn Fryer and Colin Patton for coming, and for giving such an informative


7.1Ward Member Report Bruce Baker
7.I Following a closed meeting of the Hereford & Worcester Fire Authority, remarks had been
printed in the Hereford Times, alluding to the fire at Grenfell Towers which were purported
to have been made by Councillor Baker. Councillor Baker told the members he had been
severely misquoted and felt that a Councillor from another party, present at the meeting,
had misrepresented him.
7.II There was going to be a Planning seminar on Friday to discuss planning problems.
Councillor Baker asked if anyone had anything specific they wanted to raise.
7.lll Hereford had been unsuccessful in their bid to become the City of Culture 2021
7.llllHereford had been awarded with “Purple Flags” for their evening life, restaurants, clubs etc.
7.V Herefordshire Council had received two awards for their website.
7.Vl Phosphate levels were rising in the area again
7.Vll A.49 bypass Plans were still being discussed.
7.VlllThe Link Road in Hereford should be open in October.
7.iX After the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, all public housing in Herefordshire had been tested. None
contained the flammable components. Testing would now move on to schools, hospitals etc.
7.X The Children and Adult Social Care budget was now overspent by £2,500M.
7.Xl Fire & Rescue services were to come under the control of the Police Commissioner.

7.2 To Note Matters Raised by local residents on Parish Matters (10 Minutes)
None Raised

8. Appointment of Trustee to the Edmund Godson Charity
Rev. Mike Kneen was appointed as Trustee to Edmund Godson Charity. All members in Favour
Rev Kneen had said he would be willing to give the members a talk on the Charity if
they wanted more information.

9.1 Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council
P171941/PA7 Land adjacent Whyle House Whyle Lane Pudleston Leominster Herefordshire, Application for prior notification of agricultural or forestry development – proposed road. Prior Approval Not required Parish Council not consulted)
P172445/PA7 – All others – Prior Approval 3rd July 2017Lower Buckland Farm Docklow Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0RU, proposed steel portal framed extension to existing building. Valid (Parish Council Not Consulted)
P172081/F – Planning Permission 5th June 2017Buckland Farm Docklow Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0RU, Proposed multi-purpose agricultural polytunnel. , Valid (Parish Council not Consulted)
P171738/PA7 – All others – Prior Approval 6th July 2017
P171738/PA7Bilfield View Hatfield Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0SJ, Proposed lean-to agricultural/forestry building. Valid (Parish Council Not Consulted)

9.2To Note Planning Applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council
170212 – Proposed conversion of redundant cattle shelter to holiday accommodation Land at the Cattle Shelter, Lower Nicholson Docklow nr Leominster APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
170213/L – Proposed conversion of redundant cattle shelter to holiday accommodation
Land at the Cattle Shelter, Lower Nicholson Docklow nr Leominster APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS P170318/F Hen House Hatfield Leominster Herefordshire, proposed 3 bedroom dwelling with detached car port/secure storage building to replace temporary mobile home, APPROVED WITH CONDITION


Road maintenance was underway in several areas of the Parish. Councillor Thomas reported that
The drain by Pudleston Court entrance looked as if it needed attention.

11. To Note Information Sheet
11.1 Leominster Community Connect Fund
11.2 Locality Brief
11.3 Marches Growth Hub events
11.4 Code of Conduct
11.5Rural Areas Site Allocations Development Plan Document – Issues and Options Consultation 11.6 Herefordshire Council Budget Meeting and Consultation 11.7Fly tipping in Parish Council areas – briefing update
11.8 Rural site allocations DPD still time to have your say
11.9 Planning Seminar Bruce Baker
11.10 Herefordshire Leader – Helping Rural Business to grow

12. To consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting (No Discussion)
None Raised

13. Date of Next Meeting (proposed) 5 September 2017

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.19pm