Minutes 29th November 2016

 Minutes of the Two hundred and twelfth Parish Council meeting of Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 29 November 2016 in Pudleston Village Hall at 7pm

Ordinary Meeting
In Attendance:
Councillor T. Brooke Chairman
Councillor R Hanson Councillor A Lewis
Councillor E Griffiths Councillor C Price

Ward Member Councillor Bruce Baker 3 members of the Public
Clerk Mrs S Hanson

The Chairman welcomed all present to the Parish Council Meeting.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Councillor M Thomas (work commitments)


3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING to Adopt the Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 24 October 2016.
Resolved: The Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman


4.1 The Treasure’s Account stood at £10,458.01
4.2 The members assessed the 2017/18 Budget Forecast. It was proposed to ask for the same Precept as 2016/17 £7500.00 Resolved
4.3 Delegated Powers: To enable clerk to pay cheques In between meetings, when necessary Resolved
4.4 Resolved To pass the following cheques for payment (408) Cancelled(409) Clerk Salary ****(410) HMRC £105.00 (411) Expenses £66.38


5.1 Ward member report. Councillor Bruce Baker:
Councillor Baker told members he was meeting Mr Bostock with members of Balfour Beatty to discuss highway problems at Whyle Mill
Free Wi-Fi was planned in Hereford City Centre
Hereford Link Road should be open next October. It was planned to move the bus Station next to the train Station.
The Boundary Commission has been asked by Parliament to review constituency boundaries. This will result in large changes. The current draft plans will see the North Herefordshire constituency amalgamating with South Shropshire, culminating in the loss of one MP. Bill Wiggin will be publishing regular updates on his website www.ncha.org.uk He can be emailed with comments or ideas at office@nhca.org.uk Draft proposals are available on Boundary Commissions website www.bee2018.org.uk
5.2 & 5.3 Fastershire Broadband Letter & survey results had been received from the residents of Pudleston with regard to the slow and intermittent BB available to them.
The residents were operating BB on well below 2mbs. Although some 760 numbers have faster Broadband others have been told there are insufficient ports available. For those with 750 numbers it has been suggested they will not receive an upgrade. The PVH


committee had written to Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin. The members were informed that BB speed in Docklow was regularly only 0.1 mbs. HCWM Bruce Baker told the meeting he was attending a meeting on 5 December with regard to Fastershire BB to the County. He would liaise with members after the meeting


6.1To Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council 163748 Buckland Farm DOCKLOW Retrospective application for change of use of agricultural barn from storage of straw to livestock No Objections
6.2 To Note Planning Application Approved/Refused by Herefordshire Council P162815/L Proposal to replace 2 no windows with patio doors. Replace 2 no patio doors with bi-fold doors in original opening. Form opening between kitchen and sitting room to match existing
Rickyard House, Lower Whyle PUDLESTON Approved with Conditions
6.3 Core Strategy Copies are available from the Information Centre Franklin House for £20
Resolved Clerk was asked to purchase a copy on behalf of the Parish Council


7.1 Highfields Farm Bridle Path Pudleston. Adjourned to next meeting Resolved
7.2The clerk was asked to report the following pot holes
1) Fairmile road towards Lower Docklow C1059
2) Railway Bridge Fencote C1059
3)Hatfield Court C1059
4) Lower Docklow Road U9210


8.1 Refugees and Asylum Seekers Update briefing October 2016
8.2 Safer West Mercian Plan Police & Crime Commissioner
8.3 Herefordshire Council Local Flood Plan
8.4 Health Watch Survey
8.5 Allowance Scheme for Parish & Town Councillors
8.6 Chicken Shed Bockleton (C1060 road Hatfield) The Chairman asked what the current situation was regarding this application. The members were told at present the applicant had been instructed to put passing places along the C1060

9. To consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting (No Discussion)
PVH Defibrillator

10. Date of Next Meeting
It was proposed to hold the next meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 10/01/17. Pudleston Village Hall at 7 pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.09pm