Minutes 4th September 2018

Hatfield & District Group Parish Council
Minutes of the one hundredth and twenty eighth meeting of the Hatfield & District group Parish Council held on 4th September 2018 held at Pudleston Village Hall at 7.00pm
Present: Chairman R.M Hanson
EA Griffiths MW Thomas
In attendance HCWM Bruce Baker SD Hanson Clerk 2 members of Public
The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting
1. Apologies T Brooke (illness) A Lewis (work commitment) C Price (work commitment)
The Chairman was asked to remind members that if three meetings in a row were missed or if members failed to attend any meetings within a six-month period they will automatically cease to be a councillor, unless the council approves the reason for absence before the end of the six-month period.
2. Declaration of Interest and written applications for dispensations None received
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd July 20158 and Extra Ordinary Meeting held on 9th August 2018. It was resolved to adopt the minutes, the Chairman confirmed and signed them.
4. Open Sessions To receive a brief verbal report from 4.1 Bruce Baker Most of Councillors Baker’s report was detailed in information sheet However he informed members about the Medium-Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) in 2020.
4.2 To receive views of local residents on Parish Matters (10 minutes) i) A member of Public asked why the Highways Department had repaired the U94201 (Golderfield to Pudleston Village Hall. which was in good condition when there were other roads in the area in worse condition which needed attention BB said he would look into the matter ii) The member of public also asked about grit bins. It was proposed that two bins for each area (6) could be purchased. The Clerk was asked to look into the cost and availability of bins iii) The member of the public asked if the curtilage of Pudleston has been discerned. They were told it was Pudleston Church to the Village Hall.
5. Finance
5.1 Treasurers Balance at 04/0//18 £12,852.26
5.2 Precept 2019/20 The clerk said she would prepare a budget for the November meeting, to include Election and other expenses.
5.3 To pass the following cheques for payment Pudleston Village Hall new rate £10 per hour £20.00 Hire (473) SD Hanson Clerk’s wages ***** (474) PC Expenses £38.84 (475) Eyelid Productions Ltd £100.00 Annual website support (476) HALC 2 training courses £72.00 (477)
6. Planning
6.1 Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council 182260 Stable block at Lockleys Heath Hatfield Proposed conversion of barn into Dwelling and demolition of building to rebuild and create bat habitat and associated access works No objections
6.2 To Note Planning Applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council
182226 – Westington Hall, Hatfield, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0SJ Proposed new agricultural access off the C1060 Withdrawn
180242 C1060 from Bockleton Heading South to A44 and near Bilfield Farm Hatfield Proposed provision of 7 number passing bays along the C1060, together , with road widening and installation of mirror at crossroads. Approved with conditions
7. Highways
7.1 General Scrutiny Committee Consideration of Highways Maintenance Pothole repairs and other Public Realm Services Noted
7.2 AOL Traffic and Highway Engineering re A.44 Steensbridge All members agreed with the suggestion of a 50mph speed limit and suggested taking it from Leominster roundabout to Bredenbury
7.3 Residents from Docklow had written to the PC asking for a speed reduction from 50mph to 40 mph, drive slowly signage or a path along the A.44. as it was felt unlikely to get a speed reduction or path, the Clerk was asked to contact Highways with regard to signage.
7.4 As winter is fast approaching there appeared to be several blocked ditches in the Group area, The Clerk was asked to write to the landowners concerned asking them to make sure the ditches ran freely.
7.5 The clerk was asked to make enquiries regarding sandbags for the group area . M Thomas was sandbag co Ordinator.
7.6 M Thomas said he had concerns about the Golderfield Whyle road, the clerk said she would contact the Locality Steward and see if she could arrange a meeting
8. To Note Information Sheet
8.1 Herefordshire Centre for Community Led Housing Briefing
8.2Hereford Area Plan – Housing and Employment Site Options Consultation Consultation between Monday 20 August until Monday 8th October.
8.3 Maintenance & Repair of War Memorials Further information on www.iwm.org.uk.memorial/search and https://htt.herefordshire.gov.uk/
8.4 Parish Council Summit meeting to be held 6.30pm at Wednesday 17th October 2018
8.5 Project Government funds to support community housing
8.6 Annual Fire Authority Report 2018/19
8.7 European Social Fund (ESF) opportunities for Herefordshire
8.8Hereford & Worcester Evening show pm Community Content
8.9 Parish Councils and Public Rights of Way (PROW) Information Sheet NOTED
9.To consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting The Kings Head Docklow
10. Date of next meeting It was proposed to hold the next meeting on 13 November 2018, at Pudleston Village Hall at 7pm
11. Kings Head Docklow Update. no further information had been received regarding the Kings Head
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.05pm