Minutes 7th March 2017

Minutes of the Two hundred and fourteenth meeting of Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 7th March 2017 in Pudleston Village Hall at 7pm

 Ordinary Meeting

In Attendance:

Councillor T. Brooke       Chairman

Councillor R Hanson        Councillor A Lewis

Councillor C Price             Councillor E Griffiths

Ward Member Councillor Bruce Baker                    1 member of the Public

Clerk Mrs S Hanson

 The Chairman welcomed all present to the Parish Council Meeting.

      1.APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Councillor M Thomas 

  1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST AND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS FOR DISPENSATIONS by Parish Councillors. Councillor Brooke declared a Non-Pecuniary interest on 6.2 applications 170212 & 170213. The book was signed accordingly. 
  1. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING to Adopt the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 10 January 2017. Resolved: The Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman
  1. OPEN SESSIONs       4.1Ward Member’s Report Councillor Bruce Baker

Members were told that Herefordshire Council had a total usable budget of £145million. Out of this £72million was used for Adult Social care:  Balfour Beatty had £6million. Between 2010 and 2020 £84million had had to be saved out of the budget. Between 2017 and 2020 the remaining figure to save was £17.5million.Wye Valley Trust came top of local survey of Care Services 92% said care was excellent.2018 Boundary Commission were altering Parliamentary Constituency Councillor Baker was in contact with Pudleston Village Hall’s secretary regarding Broadband in Pudleston.Herefordshire Council’s new updated website was up and running.Gritting: So far this Winter, 50 gritting runs had taken place the Council had budgeted for  70. The city link road was on plan and due to open in October.The Chairman asked about the collection of recyclable Business Waste Councillor Baker said he would find out more information.

4.2To receive views of Local residents on Parish Matters (10 minutes)The members were asked what outcome had been reached regarding the entrance/road surface by the large Church Gate in Pudleston.  The Highways Dept. had stated the entrance was privately owned and would have to be independently repaired.The resident told members that Pudleston Village Hall were arranging a meeting, regarding Broadband, with Fastershire towards the end of March. the Parish Council would be kept informed.


5.1The Treasure’s Account (Bank Reconciliation) stood at £9089.93

5.2  Resolved to pass the following cheques for payment

Eyelid Productions £30.00 (418) Pudleston Village Hall £21.60 (419) Clerk’s Salary £**** (420) HMRC 105.20 (421) Expenses 60.91 (422)Due to an oversight, outstanding invoices from HALC (subs & training etc.) have not been received.

5.3 The Donations & Grant Policy for Hatfield & District Group Parish Council

All members voted in favour of Adopting the Donations & Grant Policy Resolved


6.1Planning Applications & Discharge of Conditions information had been received   6.2Consider comments on the following planning applications: For Determination by   Herefordshire Council

170212 – Proposed conversion of redundant cattle shelter to holiday accommodation Land  at the Cattle Shelter, Lower Nicholson Docklow nr Leominster

170213/L – Proposed conversion of redundant cattle shelter to holiday accommodation  Land at the Cattle Shelter, Lower Nicholson Docklow nr Leominster

PC comment “The Parish Council have met and discussed these applications and feel it is a commendable use of a redundant cattle shelter. They give their full support and approval of this application

170318 – Hen House Hatfield Leominster Herefordshire  Proposed 3-bedroom dwelling with detached car port/secure storage building to replace temporary mobile home.

PC comment “The applicant’s business is near to the proposed site and he has shown a need for a house nearby. The Parish Council approve this application and give it their full support”

170601 Long Friday House Golderfield Pudleston Proposed steel framed building

PC Comment “the Parish Council have met and have no comments for or against this application”

P164057/U – Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) 1st February 2017 Bache View Whyle Lane Pudleston HR6 0RQ: Proposed certificate of lawfulness for existing residential use without agricultural occupancy condition which has been breached continuously for over 16 years Parish Council Not Consulted

6.3To Note Planning Application Approved/Refused by Herefordshire Council None Received Resolved


7.1Linzy Outtrim Locality Briefing (Senior Locality Steward & Matt Heeley (Hereford CitySteward) both acting as temporary Locality Stewards for Leominster North & Rural Locality

7.2 A Pudleston resident had been contacted regarding an overhanging hedge from Hornet’s Bridge towards Hatfield.  Councillor Griffiths reported that the hedge had now been trimmed.

7.3 Members expressed their concerns regarding the turn into Steensbridge Housing Estate on the A.44. It was felt double white lines along this stretch of road would help prevent accidents The Clerk was asked to write to the Humber, Ford and Stoke Prior Parish Council informing them of their concerns.

8. To NOTE INFORMATION SHEET 8.1  Locality report    Balfour Beatty  8.2 SID Deployment requests to existing bases     Balfour Beatty.  8.3 Boundary Review 2018 West Midlands Parliamentary Constituency   8.4The Great British Springclean.8.5Herefordshire Council Website    Planning Applications not showing   8.6   Travellers’ Site drop in Session   8.6 February (Previously circulated)

9. To Consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting (No Discussion)      A.44 Steensbridge

10.Date of Next Meeting being The Annual Parish Meeting and The Annual Parish Council meeting. After discussion, It was Agreed to hold both meetings on the 9 May 2017.  The Annual Parish meeting would be followed by the Annual Parish Council meeting. With light   refreshments, available at the Annual Parish Meeting.

11.There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm.