Minutes 7th November 2017



Minutes of the one hundredth and twentieth meeting of Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 7 November 2017 at Pudleston Village Hall.

In attendance:                    Councillor R Hanson ,Chairman Councillor E Griffiths   Councillor T Brooke Councillor C Price   Councillor M Thomas Councillor A Lewis

Ward Member                                  Bruce Baker

Mrs S Hanson                                 Clerk                      6 members of public

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting.



M thomas Re 6.1 172680 Land adjacent to Tan House Cottages works at McCartneys (Agent)                                        C Price Re:6.1 173481 Brockmanton Hall Agricultural building and concrete yard Applicant.

2.1  Dispensation Procedure Guide for Parish Councils An updated Procedure pack had been received, along with Request for Dispensation forms under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011

3.MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING To adopt the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 5 September 2017.

The Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman Resolved


4.1 The completed & finalised 2016/17 Audit had been returned from External Auditors                                      Comment Noted see 4.2

4.2 Risk assessment The Chairmen completed the Risk Assessment Schedule for 2017/18 NOTED that R Hanson is unable to sign cheques raised by the current Clerk.

4.3Budget & Precept for 2018/19 Copies of the proposed Budget for the forthcoming year had been distributed.  After deliberation it was felt that any reduction could leave the Parish Council at risk from unpredicted expenditure. M Thomas proposed to ask for £7500.00 the same as previous year’s figure. A Lewis seconded.  All members were unanimously in favour.  Resolved

4.4 Bank Balance £12889.24 (September biannual Precept received)

4.5 To pass the following cheques for payment Pudleston Village Hall Hire £21.60 (444) Clerk’s Salary £***** (445) HMRC £2.20 (446) Expenses £32.35(447)

5. OPEN SESSIONS to receive a brief verbal report from

5.1 Ward Councillor Bruce Baker

  1. i) A briefing session for corporate panels had been held regarding the different needs for Children & Social Care. Herefordshire was one of the best Councils in the West Midlands for children’s care. There were currently 29 Nursing homes and 56 resident Homes for Adult care in the region.
  2. ii) New University for Herefordshire In March 2017 the County secured £8 million funding from the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership through the government’s Growth Deal to help fund a new university. The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) it aims to open its doors to the first 300students on September 2020. It hopes to have 5.000 students by 2032.

iii) City Link Road the City Link Road is being built as part of the Herford city Centre transport package with funding provided by Herefordshire Council (£24,651 million) and Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (£16 million) It is hoped to be open by end of year. In 2017 Herefordshire Council secured £5 million from the dept. for Transports Local Highways Maintenance Fund.  The maintenance works will focus on the Midlands Connect strategic economic corridors which comprise of the A4103 Herford to Worcester Road, A465 Hereford to Abergavenny road A438 Hereford to Brecon road

  1. iv) Travellers’ sites development Plan Document was at the Pre-submission Publication stage.

The nearest site to the Hatfield Group area  would be the A.49 roundabout at Leominster, the proposal is  for 5 temporary sites,

5.2 To note matters raised by local residents on Parish Matters (10 Minutes)

A member of Public asked why the road between Golderfield and the main line was numbered

What was happening with the Pudleston Court Planning application

6. PLANNING                                                                                                                                                                             6.1 To consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council

Councillor Thomas left the meeting whilst application 172680 was under discussion

172680 Land adjacent Tan House Cottages, Pudleston Site for 3 detached dwellings including

Formation of vehicular access, foul drainage treatment plant and other associated works.

The Parish Council would wait to hear the from Planning Department on this application. WM B Baker said he would look into the matter further.

Councillor C Price left the meeting whilst application 173481 was under discussion

      173481 Brockmanton Hall, Brockmanton Leominster Proposed agricultural building to house

       Crop sprayer and related equipment and associated new concrete yard.  NO OBJECTIONS

1473700 Buckland Farm, Docklow Application for removal condition 5 of planning permission      NC2002/0408/F To allow building to be used to house livestock.  All members support this          application and feel this is a working farm and buildings


The PC fully support this application.

The applicant, her sister and brother in law (who up until recently farmed a Council Holding until they were sold off by Herefordshire Council) have a working farm and need to utilise the whole farm to work within modern farming practices.

By using all buildings, land and the yard available, the applicant and Mr & Mrs Pryce can ensure the farm is run to its full strengths.

The PC feel that contaminated water and waste should be channelled away from any property in proximity to the building and steps should be taken to ensure this is done correctly.

If animals are kept in the correct conditions no seepage or waste should occur from the building, and noise level should be kept to a minimum.

6.2To Note Planning Applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council

3 Applications for Lower Buckland Docklow Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0RU

172525 Proposed Steel Portal Framed Extension to Existing Shed       APPROVED

172526 Proposed Steel framed building to cover existing sheep handling area


172527 Proposed Steel framed building to cover farm yard manure storage area.


 172528/FH Chestnut Cottage Docklow Leominster Herefordshire

Proposed Extension                                                                   APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS

172359 Sunnyside West End Farm Holiday Chalets, Docklow Leominster

Proposed Extension to provide additional accommodation (games room & secure storage)


172679/PA7 Prior Approval not required Uphampton Farm Docklow Leominster

Prior Notification of agricultural development – concreting existing yard

172680/PA7 Prior Approval not required Uphampton Farm Docklow Leominster

Prior Notification of an agricultural development – extension to existing building

173202/PA7 Prior Approval not required Burnt Mill Docklow Leominster

Proposed pig housing & slurry store (roof infill)


7.1 Sign “Concealed Entrance” outside Pudleston village Hall The Highways Department had informed the Parish Council that only signs detailed in the dept. of Transport “Traffic signs Regulations & General Directions 2016 document can be put on public roads, At present no warning signs for concealed entrances existed.  It is incumbent on the Landowner to ensure safe access onto highways.  It is normally suggested that hedges, walls etc are kept well back from sightlines to allow vehicles the best view of public roads.

7.2  Colin Smith is the new Locality Steward for our area, the clerk had sent him the P.C’s contact details.

7.3 The Energy and Active Travel Team of Herefordshire were continuing to work with Balfour and Highways to improve the litter situation of the county.  They were asking Pc’s details of litter problems in their areas.

8.To Note Information Sheet                                                                                                                                             8.1 Halc Training Schedule October – December 2017                                                                                                              8.2 HALC Conference & AGM Saturday 27th November at the RNC for the Blind

8.3 Invitation of Clerk & Chairman of PC to Conference on tackling Loneliness at Bishops’ Palace held on 14 October 2017

8.4 CP Large Grants – Stakeholder Communication on launch of Adding Value for Agri-Food and                  Improving Farm Productivity grant offers

8.5 Herefordshire Walking Festival

8.6 Invitation to join meeting to discuss upcoming Poppies Weeping Window

8.7 Travellers’ Sites Development Plan

9.To consider matters as agenda items for next meeting (No discussion)

      9.1     172680 Land adjacent Tan House Cottages, Pudleston Site for 3 detached dwellings including

      Formation of vehicular access, foul drainage treatment plant and other associated works. UPDATE

     10. Date of next meeting:  It was decided to hold the meeting later on into January. The proposed               date is Tuesday 23rd January 2018.at Pudleston Village Hall at 7pm.


The meeting closed at 8.53pm