Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

My name is Sarah and I have recently joined Herefordshire Wildlife Trust as the Team Wilder Community Engagement Officer. Team Wilder is a nationwide initiative to encourage more people to get out and take action for nature, whether in their gardens, on local nature reserves or by joining online campaigns. We want to make it easier for people to take action for wildlife and also to connect those that already are. We know that there is loads of wonderful activity happening right across the county and hope that we can provide a way to link groups and individuals together and provide support where it is needed. If you’d like to find out more about Team Wilder you can go to our website:
We see the target of 30% of land in recovery for nature by 2030 as key to helping solve the biodiversity and climate crises and so part of what we are doing is mapping out what is being done for nature across the county. This can help in a number of ways, it can show how much is already happening across the county, it will show where there are gaps and areas with little being done and it can help to motivate people to take action in their areas when they see others taking action. We have three different maps at the moment, an individual actions map for things people do at home or in their gardens, a wilder farms map for land owners and farmers and a community groups map.
Additionally we want to help people to take action for themselves and so we hope to provide support in a number of ways, a quarterly e-newsletter which will include possible funding sources and resources like template risk assessments, meetup sessions where we can hear what is going on around the county and share knowledge and support and finally a network of knowledgeable people able to support others in their communities with conservation work.

Best wishes
Sarah King

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