Minutes 9th May 2017

9th May 2017

The Annual Parish meeting of the parishes of Hatfield & Newhampton, Docklow & Hampton Wafre and Pudleston which was held on 9th May 2017 at 7.00pm at Pudleston Village Hall.

In Attendance: Councillor R Hanson Vice Chairman
Councillor C Price Councillor M Thomas
Councillor A Lewis Councillor E Griffiths
Ward Member Bruce Baker
Clerk Mrs S Hanson 1 member of the Public

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting

Apologies had been received from Councillor T Brooke
2. Councillor R Hanson took the acting role as Chair.
3. The Chairman outlined all Planning Applications and all actions of the Parish Council over the previous 12 months.
4. Open Meeting

Minutes of the one hundredth and sixteenth meeting of Hatfield & District Parish Council held on 9 May 2017 at 7.30pm at Pudleston Village Hall.


In attendance: Councillor R Hanson Chairman
Councillor C Price Councillor M Thomas
Councillor A Lewis Councillor E Griffiths
Ward Member Bruce Baker
Clerk Mrs S Hanson 11 members of the Public

Councillor R Hanson welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Parish Council members and Ward Member Bruce Baker to the members of public.

Councillor Lewis proposed Councillor R Hanson as Chairman: Councillor Price seconded.
All members were in favour RESOLVED
Councillor Hanson signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Chairman, signed and witnessed
by the clerk. He passed on Councillor Brooke’s (retiring Chairman) Thanks to everyone for their support during his role as Chairman

Councillor Griffiths proposed Councillor Price as Vice Chairman; Councillor Lewis seconded.
All members were in favour RESOLVED

Apologies had been received from Councillor T. Brooke (holiday)


5. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING to adopt the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 7 March 2017.
The minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman RESOLVED


6.1Ward Councillor Bruce Baker Report

a) Councillor Baker recommended that a delegation of Parish Council members attend a meeting of the Rural Area Site Allocations DPD information event. The Rural Area Site Allocation Development Plan will outline issues within the rural area, including the identification of parishes/settlements to be included. The council will look at sites available and development suitable, it was estimated as a 2-year process. Anything built within the last 7 years would be included as a development.
The Chairman explained to the meeting that the Neighbourhood Plan was currently mothballed.
b) Hereford Uni should be up and running within 10 years, it had recently been granted money in the budget by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
c)Exciting Times in Herefordshire at the moment Hereford City have applied to become a city of Culture. The final city being chosen in November.
d) Education Teachers are getting more support. Herefordshire was within the worst performing 5% in 2010, now they are within the top 20%.
e) Waste plant at Hartlebury They are prepared to give tours so if members are interested they should get the clerk to arrange it.
f) Grass Cutting Schedule Dates of Verge cutting were on Herefordshire Council website.
h) Herefordshire council have an annual budget of £147million. Half of which goes on Adult social care and children’s services.
g) Highways it would cost 90million to bring the roads up to scratch in Herefordshire and 9million per annum for upkeep.

6.2A member of the Public asked if grass cutting could be left until wildflowers on the verges had finished flowering. The members thought verge cutting normally took place at the end of July

7. Pudleston Village Hall Donation for defibrillator £301.50
PVH Have now had a defibrillator installed at the Village Hall. They have to provide ongoing defibrillator and CPR training; which were now underway, each session lasting 90 minutes and they are also required to run a session each month (3 in total after initial session) with and when required.
The £301.50 donation had been asked for to provide and support the training needs and ongoing costs. Pudleston Village Hall Committee have correctly completed the forms and supplied accompanying documents accordance with the Parish Council Grant & Donation Policy. The members were all in agreement to give the full donation RESOLVED


8.1 Confirmation of the employment of Mr George Simpson, Westwood House Docklow as the
Parish Council’s internal Auditor RESOLVED
The clerk distributed the Annual Financial Statement for the year ended 31st March 2017
Accounts & Audit 2016/17
8.2 Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2016/17 were approved and signed
8.3 Section2 Accounting Statements for 2016/17 were approved and signed
The Treasures Account Balance at 30/03/17 stood at £7845.73
8.4 Payments made since last meeting: Payment to Halc re: Subscription; Stationery and Training £636.54 (423) included in TAB 31/03/17 The clerk told the meeting that were still two unreceived outstanding invoices from HALC.
ICO Data protection £35.00 (424)
8.5 To pass the following cheques for payment:
Pudleston Village Hall Hire £18.00 (425) Came & Company Insurance £282.80 (426) Mr G Simpson Internal Auditor £50.00 (427) SD Hanson Clerk’s wages £523.15 (428) HM Revenue & Customs PAYE £2.00 (429) S Hanson Parish Council Expenses £46.01 (430) Pudleston Village Hall Donation for defibrillator £301.50 (431) RESOLVED
8.6 The Vat repayment £110.75 had been received on 26/04/17 and the first instalment of the biannual precept had been received £3,750.00 received on 21/04/17

Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council

9.1 171219/F Construction of Event Centre building and associated parking area Pudleston court PUDLESTON
171220/L Construction of event centre building and associated parking area Pudleston Court PUDLESTON
171222/F Demolition of existing outbuildings and replacement with 2 holiday lets Pudleston Court PUDLESTON
171223/L Demolition of existing outbuildings and replacement with 2 holiday lets Pudleston Court PUDLESTON
Mrs Sideras (the applicant) had brought along the plans for the above applications and answered questions from the members of public about the applications. The clerk told the meeting that the Parish Council had been granted an extension for comments up to 10 May,
“The Parish Council approve and support this application, however after listening to parishioners views, we feel that the following points should be observed

1) No Fireworks
2) To enter and leave by the main entrance, the back entrance from Pudleston Court leads on to a narrow country lane, with virtually no passing places.
3) All events to finish by 1.00am

9.2To Note Planning Applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council
164057/U Bache View Whyle Lane Proposed certificate of Lawfulness for residential use without . agricultural occupancy PUDLESTON Approved
170601/F Proposed steel frame building. Long Friday House Golderfield
PUDLESTON Approved with conditions


10.1 A.44 Steensbridge turn. (Humber, Ford & Stoke Prior Parish Council)
The clerk reported that Councillor Brooke, herself, Phillip Brown clerk and Will Jackson Chairman
to Humber, Ford & Stoke Prior Parish Council & Ian Connelly Safer Roads Warwickshire & West
Mercia Police held a site meeting on 28/03/17. At that time, no alterations were planned to
extend the double white lines, however after resurfacing on the A.44 the lines had now been
extended past the turn into Steensbridge. Councillor Baker was thanked for all his help and
assistance. The clerk told the meeting she had also emailed the Humber, Ford & Stoke Prior clerk
to give their thanks. RESOLVED


11. To Note Information Sheet

11.1 Locality Brief Balfour Beatty
Parish briefings will be held for Parish Councillors and Clerks at the Thorn depot in Hereford
11.2Community Housing Fund: Information & Networking Event – Friday 19 May 2017 9.15am – 1pm
11.4 Tenbury Transport Trust Information & Survey
11.5 The Rural Area Site Development Plan Document Meting on 22 May 2017

Councillors’ R Hanson, C Price, A Lewis and E Griffiths decided they would attend.
The clerk told the meeting that Hatfield & District group Parish Council’s website contained several interesting items, as well as recent planning application.

12. To consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting (No Discussion)
Broadband for the area, although the Parish Council were unable to do anything about Broadband speed , it was agreed to make investigations about the current situation. It would be added for the Agenda next meeting

13. Date of Next Meeting It was proposed to hold the next Parish Council meeting on 18 July 2017 at Pudleston Village Hall at 7.00pm.

14 There being no further business he meeting closed at 8.56