Minutes 13th November 2018

Hatfield & District Group Parish Council

Minutes of the one hundredth and twenty ninth meeting of the Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 13th November 2018 held at Pudleston Village Hall at 7.00pm.
Present: Chairman RM Hanson
MW Thomas CJ Price
T Brooke A Lewis
In attendance HCWM Bruce Baker; SD Hanson Clerk; 4 members of Public
The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting
1. Apologies EA Griffiths (Illness)
2. Declarations of Interest and written Dispensations
RM Hanson Non-pecuniary 6.2 re Hampton Charles (Border) application. Applicant rents his ground in Docklow. MW Thomas 10. Pecuniary, Kings Head Docklow works at Agents. Both members signed the DIWD book
3.To approve Minutes of Meeting (Previously circulated.) It was resolved to adopt the minutes of the 4th September meeting. The Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman
4. Open Sessions To receive a brief verbal report from                                                                                                          4.1 Ward Councillor Bruce Baker The first Parish Council Summit was held on 17th October which was an opportunity for Parish Councillors to discuss how Herefordshire council and the parish and town councils can work together to provide the best services to residents. Around 100 people from across the county attended. The next summit will be held early next year.
Domestic abuse has a huge cost, both socially and financially and the children affected by it. Last year 1,294 referrals were made to the Council’s domestic abuse support services and 3,877 were made to the helpline.
The 2018/19 budget outurn is £1.42m which is more positive than in any other areas of the country. The projected overspend reflects the unexpected increase in looked after children in residential placements and additional residential placements for people with learning difficulties. Following a statuary independent balance sheet review it was reported that the council’s balance sheet is “very robust”
Herefordshire Now is a magazine produced by Herefordshire Council it will be available quarterly in libraries etc and also available on line. It has cost £500 for the first issue; however, future advertising will help cut costs.
The Kings Head Docklow BB told the meeting that Gemma Webster, who had been dealing with the application, had left the Authority. Andrew Prior had now taken over some of her caseload.
Although the finance aspect was confidential, it was felt that the pub had not been marketed in line with required conditions, it had to be ascertained whether the pub had been for sale at a market value for a full 12 months or if it had been advertised sporadically. TB asked if there had been a problem with marketing would it now have to be re advertised for sale. BB said if it was proven it hadn’t been
marketed properly, then it should be. Theoretically the price should be a figure decided by the Agent and Planning Authority He also told the meeting that were concerns that fixtures and fittings had been removed and sold. Legally Items such as the bar could not be removed, He would make sure all regulations were complied with. The Clerk was asked to make additional comments with regard to The Core Strategy.
A meeting had taken place with regard to the A.44 hedge and the turn off onto the Fairmile. (In HF&SP Group area) but relating to planning applications at Pudleston Court. The Wedding Venue applicant had agreed to pay for the removal of the hedge and replace it with fencing.
There were concerns about the route Satnavs took to get to the proposed wedding venue at Pudleston Court. It either took vehicles through the gated road through Leyster’s or off the A.44 down the Lower Docklow Road. The Lower Docklow road is single track, has no passing places and it was felt that this could become a problem. BB told members that the official route would be sent out to Wedding venue clients. If traffic still used the Lower Docklow road; signage saying it was unsuitable for Pudleston Court Traffic should be sourced.
RH told the meeting that several incidents had occurred when the A.44 road had been closed for repairs and traffic had used the Lower Docklow road. Including the usual drivers that would not reverse, hold ups and standing traffic, finally culminating with two lorry drivers almost coming to blows.
4.2 The members of public said they were happy to wait until highways to get answers to their questions.
BB then left the meeting
5. Finance                                                                                                                                                                                         5.1 Treasurer’s Account Balance Reconciliation at 12.11.18 is £15,837.38 (September ½ year precept received)  5.2 Cheques to be passed for payment Pudleston Village Hall Hire £20.00 (478) Clerks Wage £***** (479) PC Expenses £72.16 (480)                                                                                                                                                                  5.3 Budget & Precept (previously circulated) The clerk ran through the Expenses for the forthcoming year including Election expenses. Members resolved to accept the budget and set the precept at £7500.00 (as previous year) Reserves were kept to pay for unseen bills i.e donations, equipment, by elections etc.                                         5.4 Risk Assessment (Annual) The members completed and approved the Risk Assessment. The Chairman confirmed and signed it. Resolved
6. PLANNING 6.1 Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by Herefordshire Council 183319 Lower Buckland Farm, Docklow, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0RU Proposed resurfacing of existing farm tracks. No Objections 183266 Land to rear of Fencote Hall Hatfield Change of use of building to dwelling with detached garage/log store The Parish Council held a site meeting on 10/10/18 The members gave much consideration and fully debated the proposed change of use. The site is not overlooked and is tucked away from the main road. The members had No Objections 183338 Proposed two storey extension to rear of existing dwelling Lower House Whyle Lane Pudleston No objections                                                                                      Information 173700 Buckland Farm Docklow Application for removal condition 5 of planning permission NC2002/0408 To allow building to be used for livestock Pending
6.2 To Note Planning Applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council 180117 Land adjacent to Tan House Cottages, Pudleston, Leominster Site for three 3 / 4 bedroom detached dwellings including formation of vehicular access, foul drainage plant and other associated works OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION Approved with Conditions 182260 Stable block at Lockley’s Heath Hatfield Proposed conversion of barn into a dwelling and demolition of building to rebuild to create bat habitat and associated access works Approved with Conditions 182555 Estate Office Pudleston Court. Demolition of existing estate office/store and replacement with enclosed pool to serve holiday lets. Approved with Conditions 182556 Estate Office Pudleston Court. Demolition of existing estate office/store and replacement with enclosed pool to serve holiday lets. Listed Building Consent Approved with conditions 182557 Butlers Cottage Pudleston Extension to Butler’s Cottage to create a fourth bedroom and en-suites. Approved with Conditions 182558 Butlers Cottage Pudleston Extension to Butler’s Cottage to create a fourth bedroom and en suites. Listed Building Consent Approved with Conditions 181578 Proposed general-purpose agricultural building (Storage of fodder) Uphampton Farm Docklow Approved with Conditions The Heath Farm Hatfield Steel portal framed agricultural stock building Granted HAMPTON CHARLES
1833319 Lower Buckland Farm Docklow Proposed resurfacing of farm track Approved with Conditions
182626 Lower Buckland Farm Docklow Proposed resurfacing of multiple farm tracks Approved with Conditions
7. Highways 7.1 Grit bins and sandbags Balfour Beatty had replied stating that they were awaiting a decision from Herefordshire Council regarding whether they were able to offer grit bins at a standard cost. They also informed the PC that the grit bins would be supplied with the first fill of salt but any subsequent refills and maintenance would then be the responsibility of the PC. They asked if the PC could mark up proposed sites for the grit bins as they could assess whether the proposed location could any issues. i.e visibility on bends. TB had previously supplied blue boxes which had been placed along Ford Bank. It was proposed to ask residents on the website where they would like salt bins to be placed. Sandbags were no longer provided by Balfour Beatty. They suggested the Parish Council could buy sandbags from Builder’s merchants. MT said he would find out costs etc . All members were in favour 7.2 MT had met with the Locality Steward 7.3 Please Drive carefully through Docklow signs A.44 It was proposed to wait until houses were built between Bray’s cottage and The Kings Head where further safety measures could be requested.
Tim Brooke & Cecil Price gave their apologies and left the meting to attend another meeting.
8. To Note Information Sheet 8.1 Cabinet information sheet update                                                                                 8.2 Fuel Poverty in Herefordshire
8.3 Pudleston Village Hall Improvements                                                                                                                                    8.4 Recycling and rubbish collections Christmas 2018                                                                                                              8.5 Winter maintenance
8.6 Anthony Bush’s retirement. New role Local Resources and Assets Officer appointed Philippa Lydford            8.7 HALC information & Training                                                                                                                                              8.8 HALC CONFERENCE & AGM … Saturday 17th November … 09.30 – 15.00 with buffet lunch. At Blind College Hereford                                                                                                                                                                                           8.9 The Rural Bulletin                                                                                                                                                                8.10 Herefordshire Council Digital Visit                                                                                                                                  8.11 Museums Libraries and Archives
9. To consider matters as Agenda items for next meeting (No Discussion)                                                                      9.1 The King’s Head
10. The Kings Head Docklow (Update) The Ward member had previously told members the current situation, this matter was not discussed further.
11 Date & Venue Next Meeting It was proposed to hold the next meeting on 15th January 2019 at 7pm at Pudleston Village Hall.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 pm