Minutes 5th September 2017



Minutes of the one hundredth and nineteenth meeting of Hatfield & District Group Parish Council held on 5 September 2017 at Pudleston Village Hall.

In attendance:               Councillor R Hanson          Chairman
                                             Councillor E Griffiths         Councillor T Brooke
                                             Councillor C Price
                                             Ward Member                       Bruce Baker
                                             Mrs S Hanson                        Clerk                      10 members of public

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting

1. APOLOGIES  Apologies had been received from Councillor A Lewis (planting crops) Councillor M Thomas      (vacation)


3, MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING To adopt the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 18 July 2017.  The minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chairman Resolved


 4.1 Treasurer’s Account Balance at 05/09/17 £9814.08

4.2 To Consider Precept for 2018/19. The Clerk said she would formulate the budget and circulate to members for consideration. The Precept could be reduced for this year

4.3 To pass the following cheques for payment

Pudleston Village Hall Hire £18.00 (439) Clerk’s Wages £**** (440) HMRC £105.00 (441)

PC Expenses £31.70 (442) £100.00 Eyelid Productions annual website support (443)

5. OPEN SESSIONS     To receive a brief verbal report from:

                5.1 Ward Councillor Bruce Baker

i)Traveller’s sites:  Several sites had been mooted in the area. However, meetings were ongong to clarify what “Travellers” actually meant.

ii)Council Tax Reduction Scheme (Reduced Rate) This would be looked into and investigated.

Not all persons currently receiving the reduced rate were eligible.

iii) Library Changes were soon to be researched.

iv) Family Meeting Services Reported that highest domestic assaults in the UK were in

v) Homeless 16 & 17-year-olds, Special Needs and Adult Social Care. Large amounts of  revenue is spent on the above. However, in 2019 the Council Tax and Business Rates would  need to be reassessed to fund this.

vi) Overspent on Blueschool House. When work was ongoing, more problems with the building structure were discovered. However now its completed the building will be home to Government as well as council offices. T Brooke said he thought the overspend was a disgrace.

5.2 To Note matters raised by local residents on Parish Matters (10 Minutes) None raised


6.1 Consider comments on the following planning applications for determination by      Herefordshire Council.

3 Applications for Lower Buckland Docklow Leominster Herefordshire HR6 0RU

172525 Proposed Steel Portal Framed Extension to Existing Shed NO OBJECTIONS

172526 Proposed Steel framed building to cover existing sheep handling area    NO OBJECTIONS

172527 Proposed Steel framed building to cover farm yard manure storage area.NO OBJECTIONS

172528/FH Chestnut Cottage Docklow Leominster Herefordshire Proposed Extension                                                                                                                                                                                                  NO OBJECTIONS

172359 Sunnyside West End Farm Holiday Chalets, Docklow Leominster Proposed Extension to provide additional accommodation (games room & secure storage)   NO OBJECTIONS

172679/PA7 Prior Approval Uphampton Farm Docklow Leominster  Prior Notification of agricultural development – concreting existing yard PC Not Consulted  

172680/PA7 Prior Approval Uphampton Farm Docklow Leominster Prior Notification of an agricultural development – extension to existing building PC Not Consulted                

173202/PA7 Prior Approval Burnt Mill Docklow Leominster Proposed pig housing & slurry store (roof infill)                                                   PC Not Consulted

172685 Land adjacent to Tan House Cottages Pudleston Site for three detached dwellings including formation od vehicular access, foul drainage Treatment plant and other associated works. The members of public were invited to view the plans and express their opinions.  However Councillor BB told members that if the application was not within the Pudleston curtilage  and was in open countryside (RA3) then planning permission would be unlikely to be granted.The members said they would wait for further information before commenting.

6.2 To Note Planning applications Approval/Refusal by Herefordshire Council

163748 Buckland Farm Docklow Retrospective application for the change of use of  agricultural barn from storage of straw to livestock REFUSED

The members were shocked by this refusal and the Clerk was asked to write a letter to Mr Alistair Neill in support of this application.

153482 Revocation of planning permission Proposed provision of 6 number passing bays along the C1060 together with road widening and provision of mirror at crossroads.  


  The clerk was asked to report the following faults

Bridge between Brockmanton and Fairmile U94211

Drain outside Pudleston Court Gates U94201

Top of Ford Bank just before junction of C1059 & U94201

Just outside entrance of Ford Abbey C1059

8.To Note Information Sheet       

8.1 M inerals & Waste Local Plan (MWLP) – Issues and Options Consultation  A short presentation for stakeholders and other interested parties at the Shirehall 8.9.17

8.2 Stephen Blakeway newly appointed Locality Steward has just resigned. Mat Heeley in   Temporary role again.

8.3 Rights of Way Improvement Plan

8.4 NAM Meeting 14 August Clerk Attended.  The clerk asked if any of the members  would be willing to  become Representatives on the HALC Executive Committee, as she felt it would be beneficial to the Parish Council No members were able.

8.5 Event Notification Deloitte Ride Across Britain 9th – 17th September

8.6 HALC Information

8.7 Parish Councillors’ have you say on community Health and GP Practice services

8.8 INVITATION to Councillors to Update Seminar at Town Hall on 28.09.17 at 6.30pm

To include Neighbourhood Development Plana and New Direct Planning Document

Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors and NDP Steering Groups

Safeguarding – Parish Responsibilities

9. To consider matters as Agenda for Next Meeting (No Discussion)  None raised.

10. Date of next Meeting

 It was proposed to hold the next meeting on 7th November 2017 at pm at Pudleston Village  Hall

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.16pm