Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

My name is Sarah and I have recently joined Herefordshire Wildlife Trust as the Team Wilder Community Engagement Officer. Team Wilder is a nationwide initiative to encourage more people to get out and take action for nature, whether in their gardens, on local nature reserves or by joining online campaigns. We want to make it easier for people to take action for wildlife and also to connect those that already are. We know that there is loads of wonderful activity happening right across the county and hope that we can provide a way to link groups and individuals together and provide support where it is needed. If you’d like to find out more about Team Wilder you can go to our website:
We see the target of 30% of land in recovery for nature by 2030 as key to helping solve the biodiversity and climate crises and so part of what we are doing is mapping out what is being done for nature across the county. This can help in a number of ways, it can show how much is already happening across the county, it will show where there are gaps and areas with little being done and it can help to motivate people to take action in their areas when they see others taking action. We have three different maps at the moment, an individual actions map for things people do at home or in their gardens, a wilder farms map for land owners and farmers and a community groups map.
Additionally we want to help people to take action for themselves and so we hope to provide support in a number of ways, a quarterly e-newsletter which will include possible funding sources and resources like template risk assessments, meetup sessions where we can hear what is going on around the county and share knowledge and support and finally a network of knowledgeable people able to support others in their communities with conservation work.

Best wishes
Sarah King

Avian Flu

Herefordshire Council are currently supporting Defra and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in the control of an outbreak of Avian Influenza (H5N1 strain) affecting poultry in an intensive rearing unit in the Shobdon area near Leominster. This follows the Government’s confirmation of such a case, yesterday evening (Thursday 2nd December).

I would personally like to reassure you that our officers are working closely with the APHA and other agencies in a coordinated response. These agencies are working together to contain the infection and our enforcement officers will therefore be visiting residents in the 3km radius surrounding the site to monitor, engage and inform those keeping birds and to assess or report any risks that might exist.

Latest updates on Avian Flu and related restrictions and protective measures can be found on the Government website . You can also see the location of the protection zone on the DEFRA website

You are probably aware that since the 3rd November, the UK has been covered by a national Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) which means that it is now a legal requirement for all bird keepers to keep their birds indoors and to follow strict biosecurity measures.


The Avian Influenza Prevention Zone means that bird keepers all across the country must:


  1. House or net all poultry and captive birds to keep them separate from wild birds;
  2. Cleanse and disinfect clothing, footwear, equipment and vehicles before and after contact with poultry and captive birds – if practical, use disposable protective clothing;
  3. Reduce the movement of people, vehicles or equipment to and from areas where poultry and captive birds are kept, to minimise contamination from manure, slurry and other products, and use effective vermin control;
  4. Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect housing on a continuous basis;
  5. Keep fresh disinfectant at the right concentration at all farm and poultry housing entry and exit points and
  6. Minimise direct and indirect contact between poultry and captive birds and wild birds, including making sure all feed and water is not accessible to wild birds.


Bird keepers can be guided to the website for full details of the AIPZ and updated biosecurity guidance.


Your residents should be reminded not touch or pick up any dead or sick birds that they may find. If they do find dead wild birds these are likely to be swans, geese or ducks although it can affect any other wild bird, such as gulls or birds of prey. They should report this to the Defra helpline on: 03459 33 55 77.


Bird keepers can also report any suspicion of disease to the Animal and Plant Health Agency on 03000 200301.


This email therefore provides the latest update for you to share and I hope you find it of assistance.





Impact from Coronavirus


Due to the impact of Coronavirus over 5.5 million people are claiming Universal Credit. Many of them are new to claiming Universal Credit having been negatively impacted by Coronavirus

Leominster’s Covid 19 active travel

Elect all Leominster’s Covid 19 active travel road closure for High Street and Corn Square: August 2020 on

  • Leominster’s High Street and Corn Square are closed to vehicles 10am- 1pm Monday to Saturday
  • A 20mph limit now covers the town centre and Hereford Road down to Leominster Primary School
  • This is a national scheme funded by government to provide safe space for people during Covid: the national infection R rate is currently very near 1.
  • Transmission of Covid 19 is greatly reduced outdoors and where people are able to keep at least 1 metre apart
  • This scheme reduces the chance of a second wave and lockdown, which would be dreadful for our town and businesses
  • Our narrow pavements make it impossible for people to keep one metre apart when shoppers need to pass and there are queues on the pavements
  • The closure makes it safer for buggies, people with mobility issues and everyone passing each other and queues on narrow pavements
  • The part time pedestrianisation provides a regular opportunity for people who are vulnerable and concerned about catching Covid to shop safely. One third of Leominster’s population are defined as vulnerable.
  • Streets remain open for buggies, cyclists, mobility scooters and walkers.
  • It is even more enjoyable to browse our excellent independent shops in a car free zone!
  • Our Tourist Information Centre is open in corner of Corn Square from 10am-2pm.
  • Free public toilets are available at our Bus station (opposite Co-op) and Broad St car park, also Central carpark (8am – 2pm) and the Grange
  • Everything in town is within a short distance- with many free and cheap car parking spaces within yards of the centre: we have well over 500 spaces near the town centre
  • Free on street parking in Broad St, Church Street and many other nearby locations
  • Disabled parking spaces in Etnam St car park, Central car park, Broad St and Broad St car park: those with blue badges can also park in many other places legally
  • Shopmobility can provide aids by arrangement, ring Chris on 07960 63107 to book or drop in to their base in Central carpark
  • Car park charges range from 50p for an hour and £2.50 all day – see below for charges
  • It is an offence to move a road closure notice (enforced by police)
  • Businesses have been consulted. The measures can be adjusted – contact Herefordshire Council
  • Maximum length of closure: 18 months. Cannot be extended without consultation.
  • Our tourist info office has free colourful leaflets, with a good map showing carparks.
  • Parking enforcement can be contacted on 01432 383277 if there is a serious issue.
  • for more info on Covid 19 active travel schemes around the county


Leominster Car park charges

Broad St car park:             up to 24 hours £2.50

Central car park:               up to 1 hour £1, 2 hours £1.50

Dishley St:                           up to 2 hours for £1, 4 hours £1.50

Etnam St car park:            up to 1 hour 50p, 2 hours 80p, 4 hours £1.50

Co-op supermarket:        half hour free, up to 1.5 hours £1 (refunded if you spend over £10 in store)

Cllr Trish Marsh, 8 August 2020: Updates and improvements welcome to trish.marsh@herefordshire.

Annual Canvass 2020 Update

Annual Canvass 2020 – Update 22/7/20:

As you are aware, the Annual Canvass has started for this year, which is when the Council contacts households to check their details for the Electoral Register.

We had an encouraging 16,500 households respond to our emails and texts. The remaining 70,000 households will shortly receive a letter. There are two separate letters going out:

  1. One that requires a response ONLY if the details we already have are incorrect – there are 50,000 of these. We believe there are no changes to report in these households
  2. One that requires a response under any circumstances – 20,000 of these. We believe there might be updates and changes in these households

As a response is not necessarily required, all we are asking them to do is to please read carefully and follow the instructions.

We are of course promoting responses (where required) by internet but are well aware this is not for everybody, so we have the telephone option for them. We will also be sending an old-fashioned paper form with pre-paid envelope later in the process to applicable households.

We are grateful for any assistance you can give to any of our residents that might need help, and also with any wider publicity. Electoral Services can be contacted on 01432 260107 or with any issues. Many thanks.